About Us


Valve sales, maintenance, repair, spare parts and fittings manufacturing


HASSASVALF Vana Vana MACHINERY INDUSTRY TRADE COMPANY LIMITED industrial sector in order to serve its operations in Kocaeli, Turkey is one of Turkey’s most important industrial centers with a nominal position in 2008. For 12 years, we have been working with the goal of customer satisfaction at the highest level by producing a guaranteed solution to all your problems about Industrial Valves. We quickly repair the high pressure valves of all types and sizes that need maintenance and repair, with the support of spare parts production, and deliver them as the first day, after maintenance tests and controls. We continue our R&D studies focused on valve and control system and aim to provide the best service by aiming to be the first and pioneer in the sector with the philosophy of continuous improvement. We strive to offer you the service that suits your needs at the most affordable price with an honest service approach.

Our business;

  • Organizations operating in various sectors,
  • Spare parts needs,
  • Emergency spare part demands arising in production,
  • Current improvement projects within the organization,
  • Projecting the envisaged engineering solutions,
  • Lifting, moving, accelerating etc. based on work safety. Projecting such works as projects,
  • Valve repair, maintenance and controls, engineering and production support to perform their work.

Also; With the knowledge gained over the years in the sector, in the product purchases of the enterprises (Bearings, Profiles, Seals, Lifting Equipment …), in reaching additional production channels such as grinding, heat treatment, coating, threading …, By providing all kinds of support to the organizations they work with, The procurement process aims to gain.


Our company, which has been providing valve maintenance, repair and spare parts manufacturing services for 12 years in the Kocaeli region, which is seen as the center of the industry, has also undertaken the valve sales and marketing task as of 2020 in line with the requests and needs of our customers. With our 12 years of experience, offering our customers quality products and affordable prices together, on-time delivery guarantee and always targeting the quality in the upper segment will be the main principles of our company in the sales department.


As HASSASVALF, according to the information we have obtained as a result of our R&D studies, we aim to have a large market in this field by selling all kinds of valves needed in the industry and to gain the status of a manufacturer and seller company. We believe that we will achieve the same success with a fast supply process and reasonable price guarantee in the field of sales as we have achieved the image of a reliable company by providing all kinds of support to the institutions and organizations we have worked with for years.