Hassasvalf Valve Machine Industry Trade Limited Company

We continue our work activities beyond the classical valve maintenance at the highest level of customer satisfaction to answer all your problems about the valves.

According to demand; We repair all types and sizes of high-pressure valves with the support of spare parts production and deliver them after doing maintanence tests and controls as it is likely new product.

Valve Repair

Fast reaction times for on-site valve service, reliability, competence and high flexibility

Hydraulic Valve Manufacture

As being one of the leading companies in hydraulic valve manufacturing, we manufacture any size according to your demand

Cylinder Repair

Our experience and our experienced team with immediate and timely intervention in the sector,

Flange Manufacture

We are a professional company that manufactures the highest quality flanges with our latest system equipment.

Hassasvalf 24-Hour Onsite and Workshop Service

dismantling the valvesrepair of valvesre-installation of the valvesSealing Servicematerial inspectionquality assurance

On-site service and 24-hour Instant Response

We have shop containers and service vehicles equipped with extensive equipment to work on the valves in the system. Our on-site service is ready for you anytime.

Expert Staff
All Professional colleagues

Mass Production
Manufacturing valves with the latest technology

Instant Repair Service
All kinds of valve repair at anytime

Hassasvalf Fields Of Activity

Valves used in many industrial establishments and they are very important components of the sectors. Below you can examine some of the industrial establishments provide our services

Oil Refineries

Metal Factories

Fertilizer Factories

Power Plants

Tire Factories

Chemical İndustry

Gas Stations

Food İndustry

Paper İndustry

LPG Stations

Oil Mills

Recycling Facilities